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Exuma's Bahama Sound is a captivating paradise of water and tropical foliage, people and island customs.

Miles and miles of uninterrupted coastline with nothing but the beautiful water of the Bahamas in all directions. Here's the view from Elizabeth Harbour.

Sunset is a special romantic time in the Bahamas. Cool breezes and pastel skies as seen from the BahamaSound Property Owners Beach Reserve.

Inland you'll enjoy the quiet calm of the creek leading to South Side Pier.

Looking or a restaurant for dinner
or late afternoon drink? Exuma's
Two Turtle's Inn -- or "The Two T's" --
might just be the answer.

Feeling the need for a bit of Sunday
solace? Try Exuma's St. Andrews
Anglican Church

Where do you want to go today? There are many destinations and interesting places in Exuma.